Wednesday, May 29, 2013


My son has been training for taekwondo for 2 months now, and tomorrow will be his first promotional test in front of the Father of Philippine Taekwondo, Grandmaster Sung Chon Hong at the PTA Central Gym, Rizal Memorial Stadium where my he also trains.

We decided to get him into taekwondo to strengthen his kicks for football as suggested by one parent during the Coca Cola Cup.  After one year of playing football, Ethan already kicks fairly well but we wanted him to have the speed and power in delivering those kicks.  

During whitebelt class held TTh 4-5:30pm

After 2 months of training, the Korean martial art we turned to to support our son's football skills, opened our eyes to the beauty of Taekwondo as a martial art and a form of self defense.  In 2 months of training, our son learned Poomse Formation 1 and 2, and five basic self-defense techniques which he is now able to execute.  He has also learned 6 basic kicks, 6 stances, 5 basic strikes and 5 basic blocks and a number of Korean terms.  

Working on the different kicks with Sir Rick Canlas

One cool things about my son learning taekwondo is that I get to learn myself since I am the one he practices with at home.  Another great thing about taekwondo is the self defense part.  Given that bullying is prevalent in schools nowadays, it is not bad to know a bit of self defense to protect oneself.

Tomorrow, Ethan and his classmates in whitebelt class will execute everything they learned in 2 months.  Watch out for my next post to see how things turned out at the promotional test.

See yah!

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  1. Hi. My name is Joel and I used to be a student of Sir Ric. I got my black belt under his instructions. I was wondering if you could tell me where he teaches now. It has been more 25 yrs since i last had any communication with him. My email address is Thank you in advance