Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Philhealth Contribution Increase

I was at Philhealth Office today for my quarterly contributions and learned that monthly contributions of Php100 will be Php200 starting this July; Php600/quarter for IPM or Individually Paying Members.  Members can pay their premiums in advance for the remaining half of the year can do so (if they want to) at its regular/unchanged rate of P100 or Php300/quarter.  The 100% increase in premium has made me a little worried given that I feel that the Philhealth Discount Card they had launched a few months back is totally useless because of the very limited number of medicines that it covers, and that OTC's or over-the-counter drugs are not included.

Anyway, if you haven't paid your premium yet, you better do so until Friday, June 29.

UPDATE (June 28, 2012):
Went to Philhealth again today and while lining up for payment I learned that IPM's can make advance payments to 2014 at the same rate of P1,200/year.  Sadly, last day is tomorrow, June 29.

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